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Silicone Valley First Impression – California

November 10, 2017

I’ve been in California two months now and officially became a Cali girl two weeks ago when my drivers license arrived in the mail.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I’m liking it so far and the answer is I’m LOVING IT!!!  The very first couple of weeks were rough, as we didn’t get all our furniture and we had to jump right into work, none the less forever grateful to the Universe for aligning all our stars.

The first thing I loved about California is how good it feels.  For the first time since I migrated the Vibe feels right,  I don’t feel out of place here like I did when I was in Cincinnati.  Our apartment is perfectly located and we’re beside everything the furthest we have had to drive was to San Francisco which is just 45 minutes away.  Before this we lived in the middle of nowhere and nothing was beside anything really, here everything is so connected and I love that.  I can walk to Starbucks and you guys know how much I love Starbucks right?  It might just be in my head but people here seem nicer to me.  Our first week a stranger in Walmart saw us holding our heavy basket in the checkout line and he had a cart and he tapped my husband on the shoulder and said “Hey put your basket in my cart” I was God Smacked.  Something else that was a major issue for me, has always been the way people stare at me and my husband. We’re a interracial couple and living on the border of Kentucky and Cincinnati, there aren’t too many interracial couples, less than 45 years ago interracial dating was illegal there, I always felt like people were always staring.    I love dressing up and wearing my heels and whenever I did that back there I felt so uncomfortable people were always looking at me.  Even my husband agrees people aren’t staring at us as much here, and if they do look it’s not the same kind of stare.

Another plus is that taking my dog Henry everywhere is not a big deal, most places allow dogs and there are even places where you can eat and have drinks and have your dog with you.  Californians are he real dog lovers here.  I love how much easier it is for me as a vegetarian to eat on the go.  There are so many restaurants, and food shops that cater to non meat eaters.  Im also meeting a lot more people who are vegetarians and people who love going to the gym so I have actual workout buddies. The weather doesn’t disappoint either the lowest it gets in San Jose is 5o and probably 45, even though many people here thinks thats cold, Im coming from Negative degree weather this is a walk in the park on beautiful day.  Many people here have asked us why we moved to San Jose because it’s expensive and there isn’t much to do, but they don’t realize we’re coming from somewhere, where there literally isn’t anything to do but work, have babies and die (for me personally lol).

Not sure if we’ll stay on this side, we might move around California a bit before we settle. Possibly  try out some of the suggestions we’ve heard from others, we’ve heard good things about Long Beach, LA and San Diego so we’ll see. But as of right now California is definitely home for us.  Have an amazing Friday everyone, and remember nothing was ever accomplished by staying in a comfort zone.

xoxox Lauren

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  • Reply Kadine Strachan November 15, 2017 at 6:30 am

    I’m eager for a tour via Vlog.
    Those spots you have been eating at are so cool. The fact that you talk Henry everywhere makes that place super awesome.

    • Reply laurenolauren November 15, 2017 at 9:15 pm

      I KNOWWWWWW Soon

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