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My All Time Faves, these make perfect Holiday Gifts.

November 17, 2017

On today’s reviews and favorites list I wanted to bring you guys products I actually love and use. Following the article I did this past Monday on Milked Artesian soaps, and by now you all know I am an avid soap user.  I love natural bar soaps I prefer soaps to bath gels and washes because I believe they last longer and are able to hold more nutrients than the liquids, don’t quote me on the last part.  My favorite from Milked of the ones I’ve tried is the Moroccan red clay and rose.  Moroccan red clay is known for its absorptive properties to kill odors and leave you refreshed, and it smells so amazing you guys, my skin smells so good after a shower and I can still smell the hints all day.

My next obsession that Ive been digging for months now is the Chloe Rose perfume. I was in Sephora one day smelling perfumes and looking for a signature scent when I came upon this beauty.  I purchased a travel size roller ball first to make sure that I was in love with it and the compliments I would get every time I wore it had me convinced I needed to smell like this all the time. So I purchased the full size bottle and when I pair this with my soap, listen people are drawn to me like a moth.  I smell so good guys. 

Purity Face Wash ok referred to me by the sales girl in Sephora but let me tell you something she did not LIE!!! This stuff is the truth I use it in the evenings after a long day or whenever I wear makeup. It’s the only thing that can remove my makeup without leaving my face dry and drained if you know what I mean. I highly recommend this product especially for girls with sensitive skin like myself.

Louis Vuitton Clés, I got this as a graduation gift I never saw myself as a small purse girl, I love my massive wallets that I can Carry around my entire life in them. But I got this and it changed my life, my ID, credit card, gate key, and my keys on the key attachment and I’m good to go. The most amazing part it fits in my back pocket and all my small purses.  I still love my oversized purses but when I size down on my bags and opt for a smaller bag like this one I really appreciate it.

These are the little things I’ve been loving and low key obsessed with at the moment.  They would make great Christmas gifts.  I know I would love opening up to a bottle of perfume and they aren’t super expensive, I think it’s a nice range.  I will be posting more gift ideas on the blog for you guys to get inspiration.

xoxoxo Lauren

Milked Soaps Here & LV key holder HERE

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