Accountant by Day and Soap Queen by Night

November 13, 2017

Many times social media gets a bad rap.  Social Media is making young girls insecure, social media is causing us to over share.  Social media is causing us to live in a digital world and we’re all cut off from reality and so much more (they say). But even though it can be all that, it can be so much more, cliche much lol. I have found great inspiration and met many amazing people on this evil soul sucking monster called social media and have also been able to keep up with many people from my past. When I say past I mean actual people I want to keep up with, like some of the amazing women I went to high school with.  One such woman is Kathy Fraser.  I met this beautiful soul in seventh grade and I think we all knew Kathy was on her way to greater things.  In high school Kathy was the girl who was extremely organized, her notes were color coordinated, and she was a straight A student who always studied for the test (even the surprise tests).  Kathy was extremely smart and I’m not just saying this because its appropriate to say, no she really was hella smart.  Thanks to social media we have been able to stay in touch, Kathy migrated to the US after high school and has done really well.  She got married in 2015 to the Love of her life, bought a house this year and launched her soup business just a couple months ago. Yesssss she’s living the life and I wanted to share with you guys, some inspiring words from this powerful woman I have the liberty of calling my friend.  This little ambitious girl from Falmouth Trewlany is a certified “Girl Boss” and I’m excited to kick off my new Monday Inspirational series with Kathy Fraser from “Milked,  Artisan Soaps”


Kathy Fraser – @kathychantell or Milked / @shopmilked

What  – “Milked, Artisan Soaps”

How old is your business? 

“Still a baby – about 2 months old”

1 – How old are you?

I’m still claiming 29 until 12/9 lol

2 – What time do you wake up everyday?

I’m a night owl, but I still have to be up between 6:30 – 7:00 AM; I try to get to work by 8:30 AM.

3 – One of your Guilty pleasures

Online shopping! I literally get 2-3 packages every. single. day.

4 – You only had 30 minutes to get ready what are you wearing.

All black – black jeans + black tee (casual) / black pants + black sweater (work); I always look so put together (and instantly slimmer LOL)

5 – Field you’ve been working in for most of your life.

Sooo I’m a Manager at the largest Big 4 accounting firm in the U.S., working as an Auditor for 6 years; before that, I was a Tax Accountant (~2.5 years).

6 – Who makes up your support system?

Definitely my Mom, and my husband. My Mom has been that constant supporter, offering up the silent prayers and always coming through with clutch scriptures. My husband is dope – always, always supports my crazy dreams. Can I tell you how we bought our first home and he only saw it on FaceTime? Yea. He’s that laser focused on my happiness.

7 – Since you started your business what’s one thing  that has happened that has been a big “positive” deal for you.

Like I mentioned, we’ve only been open for about 2 months, with a live website for about 4 of those 8 weeks. Last week, I had the owners of the mortgage company we used a few months back, call me to ask if I can design and produce a corporate gift box for 70-80 of their best customers. By Christmas. I said, sure! Fast forward 7 days later and I’m knee deep in soap trying to produce 400 bars to ship in time for Christmas. Totally unexpected, and the grind is real right now, but this is why I know I’ve finally found the thing that works for me. Milked is going places y’all – just wait on it.

8 – One thing you didn’t know but know you do.  

I didn’t know I could actually do this. My regular work day is at least 10 hrs, and can sometimes extend up to 14 hours. I didn’t know I could find the time to invest in Milked, or even if my creativity would extend to soapmaking. I sat on this idea for a long time (I’ve used natural soap for over 8 years and always wondered if  I could make it myself), and more recently I began researching ingredients and their benefits, and just generally the process for making soap. I’ve been trying to figure out a viable, but creatively rewarding, business venture, and on a whim a couple months back, I told my husband to just go ahead and register the company. I made my first batch of soap on 9/13, and as of today (11/9) – I’m carrying a product line with 23 varieties – and growing! What I know now is that I should’ve never doubted my dopeness, and I should’ve just gone for it a long time ago. But hey, hindsight is 20/20, and I choose to believe that period of limbo was meant for me to prepare.

9 – Advice to other Girl Bosses out there.

Do not limit yourselves based on, or subject yourselves to, the unwanted opinion of those closest to you. I built this business with the full expectation that not everyone I know would support me. So I worked silently for weeks, planning, crafting recipes, building the website, sourcing my ingredients, designing packaging, without broadcasting a thing. When I launched, it was a surprise to everyone. But I knew I didn’t need opinions, I simply needed to breathe life into my ideas. My products speak for themselves; having sold out of many bars multiple times in 4 weeks, I know I’m on to something great. So, to all the Girl Bosses, trust your vision! Solicit advice when necessary, but do not let that cloud the vision and drive you started with.

You can find Milked on Instagram Here and definitely check out their website, support female black business owners, like Kathy. This is a movement and we have to do this together, and the prices are amazing You’re welcome

xoxoxo Lauren

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  • Reply kENIESHA WEBB November 13, 2017 at 9:35 am

    This is beautiful 🙂 Congrats Kathy and all the best for the future with your new business

    • Reply laurenolauren November 13, 2017 at 9:34 pm

      Thanks for the love girly, much love to you too

  • Reply Carole November 13, 2017 at 7:23 pm

    Loved the article, Lauren . Love the company’s concept , Kathy! Goodness all around

    • Reply laurenolauren November 13, 2017 at 7:30 pm

      Thanks so much for the love sweetheart. Every Monday I’ll be posting articles like this one. Glad you like it

    • Reply laurenolauren November 13, 2017 at 8:09 pm

      Thank you so much sweetheart

  • Reply Kadine Strachan November 14, 2017 at 6:20 am

    Truly inspiring.
    Reads such as this always refreshing, loads of credit for this spin on your blog post Lauren. Celebrating each other speaks to our own internal peace.
    I celebrate you Lauren for being a public face for ‘Woman to Woman love and empowerment’

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