Have a Relationship: Don’t Become a Relationship. “Girl Talk pt 3”

November 26, 2017

ok, so I unfollowed this girl I know from my previous job before I moved.  I really like her I think she’s mad cool but something happened about a year ago and then her instagram feed started to annoy me.  Literally every other picture was of her and her boyfriend and the captions were the most pathetic things I have ever read: “thank you for coming into my life and making it better”.  “You’ve literally made me so happy” blah, blah she stopped hanging out with everybody and only ever made plans with her boyfriend and I don’t even think she hung out with her friends without him.  He told her he didn’t like when she went out without him so she stopped going any where unless it was with him.  She now hangs with him, him and his friends or him and his family.  I believe in appreciating people in your life, but worshipping them? I know what her boyfriend looks like from every angle and I have no idea what her parents look like and they’ve taken care of her (and still do) her whole life.

I’ve seen so many girls become relationships, instead of just having them.  Ever wonder why relationship blogs and columns are aimed at women and not men??  It’s because men have relationships they don’t become a relationship, I’m being sexist I know. Women get so involved so quick, its no wonder we’ve been viewed as the weaker sex for so long.   We women are so concerned with how men think about us in the quest to becoming his number one, that we start acting like wives way before we need to.  If a man has a problem in a relationship, they ask one of their home boys and then move on pretty much.   Us women will carry the same relationship problem around for years, I know for a fact because I do it too, I still despise my ex  🙃 🙃 🙃.    I don’t want us women to worry about what men think about us anymore, I’m not saying to become cold hearted.  Listen to the songs on the radio, go listen some rap music, listen to what men talk about, how they talk about women, our daughters our sisters our mothers.  listen to the language they use when talking about US.  Listen to the songs women sing about men, we’re heart broken, we’re waiting around, we want them back (not all but the majority).  Do you see where I’m going with this,  how about we flip the tables for a little bit and take some of that control.  just to see what it feels like, why do men get so much power.  What have they done to earn it??

Do you have a relationship, or have you become a relationship.  That’s what I want you to ask yourself, are your days brighter now that a man is in it?

Have an amazing week, see you tomorrow for Inspiration Mondays right here.

xoxox Lauren

2 responses to “Have a Relationship: Don’t Become a Relationship. “Girl Talk pt 3””

  1. Kadine Strachan says:

    What a piece a truth penned right here. Admittedly at one point in my life I was drowning in being a relationship rather than just having one. Grateful for insight that has contributed to my growth.
    Solid read Lauren.


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