Denim on Denim on Denim X VANS

November 29, 2017

You guys know I got a serious thang for DENIM!!! Denim is life, I got an idea for this look one night when I was on the phone brainstorming with a friend and I was like wait a minute I wanna try this.  It’s funny because after I did this look we had a denim on denim day at work and I was super pumped because obviously denim is my THANGGGGG!!!!  Why this look works is because even though its a lot of denim, it’s still a monochromatic look and that trend has been floating around, also its denim and can you really go wrong with it.  Lastly I can wear whatever I want as long as I feel good in it and I felt amazing in this, so for some people it might be too much denim but for me it was obviously the right choice.  These pants I got from Abercrombie years ago, I literally wear them everyday and have definitely gotten my moneys worth. The shirt I picked up in the mens section of H&M and the jacket is an oversized mens jacket.  Again the entire look is affordable and completely doable. You dont have to go full on denim like I did, but the “Canadian Tuxedo” is always in season. Don’t be afraid to try something you wouldn’t normally do, you might like it.  Have a great Wednesday.

xoxo Lauren

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