Yes Im Wearing Kids Pants & A Bikini Top

August 21, 2017

What I love most about Fashion and why I’ve always felt like I was on the guest list is because, I don’t think  fashion has to be expensive or completely out of the box.  Sometimes someone in a plain white button up and jeans can command more attention and look way more put together than someone in couture and ruffles.  I found this cute track inspired pants in the Kids Sale section of H&M.  I have always wanted high waisted jogger pants but the ones they make for women, 90% of them are not high waisted and if they are they don’t fit right.  The waist are always too big and they are never long enough.  When I saw these I fell in love with the white stripes on the side, I’ve always wanted a pair and I held it against me and thought, they seem long enough like they would fit me.  I looked at the tag and it said “13 – 14 Yrs Old”, so I tried it on.  I found love in the dressing room mirror, it was perfect from the fit on my waist to the length  and it was only $5 on SALE, I WON!!!!  For the look I’m wearing I am literally wearing bikini top I got from Zaful which you guys saw in my Rosegal Haul Video here.    I paired it with some sneakers that would carry my legs around comfortably for an all day of shopping and adventure with my Bff and I really like how the look came together in the end.

Shopping in the Men’s section is one of my other favorite things to do.  I always buy their plain colored t-shirts, and I recently scored a really nice oversized denim shirt  that I plan to rock with some strappy blue heels I purchased  from Forever 21 while I was in New York.  I have always gotten excited over new clothes and I love changing up my look, my hair, my outfit and my shoes are all apart of how I play with fashion and have fun.  I get bored easily I like to keep it fresh.

A Big shout out to my friend and creative partner in crime Najeary (follow him on Instagram here) for taking these photos and the ones you’ve been seeing in the last two blog posts were all by him. It was so good to be in the company of creative people who get it when you start talking about weird stuff other people might find odd.

Have an Amazing Monday, today is my first day back at school. Im finally a senior and this will be my last semester, Let’s get it.

xoxoxo LaurenOLauren




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