Things You DON’T Have To Spend A Lot Of Money On

August 1, 2017

When I buy clothes I try to think about the pieces or things I hold on to the longest. For me those are my purses, everything else I like them for a while and then I hate them.   So I don’t spend a lot of money  on many things  because of my temperament however everyone is different.  My friend Najeary and I came up with a few things we don’t think you need to spend a lot of money on if you don’t have disposable income like that (that is).  The general rule has always been you can have one piece that is quality and you can play around with the rest and that one piece will pull everything together.  Notice I said quality piece and not expensive, I don’t think because something is expensive means it’s quality, however I do believe sometimes  you have to spend a little bit more for things that are a little better.

  • Basic Tops  – I love a good white T, listen you guys know I’m a sucker for them tank tops, crop tops and ever so often  graphic tees.  I love throwing on some high waisted skinnies and pairing it with a plain top.   I think tops make a big impact on how your jeans look.  However I don’t think you have to spend a lot of money on them.   I don’t know about you but I love buying new clothes, something about wearing a brand new shirt makes my outfit just feel a lot more put together to me.  H&M does an excellent job of making everyday tops affordable and when they have a sale you can really clean up, I know I do lol.
  • Sandals –  You don’t want to go too cheaply made with these because they will break on you midday when you’re far away from home. However sandals are seasonal depending on where you live.  When I still lived in Jamaica I could wear sandals everyday, 365 days a year because we didn’t have winter. Apart for the occasional rain and threat of hurricanes it was pretty much ok to wear them whenever I wanted.  You wear a sandals this year put them down and when you take them out next year for whatever reason they look unappealing.  Sandals don’t keep well, you do not need to go over board on how much you pay for these.
  • Fashion Jewlery –  Honestly one of my favorite places to get fashion jewelry is Forever 21 . They have up the hour trending pieces at great prices, who cares if the color changes after a while by then the trend would have passed.  I have statement necklaces I purchased from Forever 21 two years ago and I keep them so well that they are still in excellent condition.  If you’re into diamonds and gold then for sure the $$$ will begin to rack up but for everything else, come on let’s be honest.
  • Accessories of all kinds –  This includes your hats, socks, candles, phone cases, the infamous puff balls you know all those things that get filed under other.  Depending on what kind of hat, hats can get expensive if you’re an avid hat wearer then you know.   If Einstein was still alive I don’t even think he could solve the mystery of the missing socks.  I buy new socks every other week and without a doubt I still never can find a matching pair it will forever blow my mind.  Candles I love  getting my candles from TJ Maxx oh my goodness I love that place.   I go in there and end up wandering around for  hours then before you know it I’m late for work.  I definitely suggest going there and checking out their candl selection you will not regret it.  As it relates to phone cases, this can be tricky I think getting one good case that will protect your phone from drops is necessary, this will run you anywhere between $30 to $100 but I try not to pass $50. Then all the other fashion cases I get for cheap from all over the place.

Sourced – Tumblr

  • Furniture and Decor –  I have always believed one should not spend a lot on furniture, because just like everything else trends change and we change our minds along with it. Who wants to shell out $10,000 on a oak cupboard to house their expensive China. Then you realize you don’t have expensive  China anyway and the piece is bulky and makes your house feel cluster-phobic?  Exactly everyone is different for me I like clean minimal pieces and lots of light.  I need my home to feel light and airy because the demands of my everyday life are heavy saw what I just did there.  IKEA has been a God send for us Millenials who want to travel the world and eat dinner with our friends in different times zones every now and again.  If an opportunity arises we should be able to move to Europe and not worry about our chunky furniture pieces.

What else would you add to this list? Comment down below and let me know what you don’t spend a lot of money on.

xoxoxo Lauren

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