Lunch Date With New York

August 18, 2017

To say that New York City is one of my favorite cities in the world is an understatement, I love this city. When people say New Yorkers aren’t friendly or complain about how over populated New York is I’m offended, this city gives me so much inspiration and a sense of belonging I have never found anywhere else.

The diversity of this city is what makes it so amazing and unique there is really no where else like it. It’s like Jamaican soup everything is in it, its not just a big pot of flavored liquid. You have your ground provision, your meat, your dumplings the whole works. It’s a meal that will leave you full and passed out on the couch. This past weekend was the perfect end to my Summer after weeks of summer school, and working two jobs and trying to fit the gym in five times a week it was the perfect getaway. We went to this Italian restaurant where the owner was extremely nice to us, and the food was fresh and the vibes was perfect. You have to check them out if you’re in New York, we found them around the corner not far from the Top Shop in Soho. We completely forgot what street we were on, what was amazing was that they catered to Vegetarians I think I had something with eggplant, the exact name I forgot. Im not an Italian food connoisseur but our waiter who we assume is also the owner explained the entire menu to us, I can’t get over how nice he was.

I think it’s important to take a break from your daily life, even happy married people need a break from each other and their daily routines. Change your environment and be around people that feed your need to grow and love.  I am forever grateful that God has put some key people in my life and they have inspired and motivated me so much.  I will never be able to repay their gratitude, no man is an island unless you’re an actual island and if that’s the case you’re not a man (The word man here is used in the general sense for mankind).   Here’s to us and all that we hope to achieve have an amazing weekend everyone, I love you and wish you love and light.



xoxox Lauren

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