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July 2017


The Black Woman VS White America

July 15, 2017

I was having this conversation with one of my best friends about two months ago, it’s funny that the situation has come up again.  A beautiful black woman walks into a room and the first thing the room starts to do is dissect her beauty. “Her hair is fake she would look terrible without it.”  Don’t forget the makeup argument that has been going on since youtube started showing tutorials.   The history of female beauty has always been sort of like a facade if you want call it that. Continue Reading

Fashion & Style

Rockstar Off Duty Look ( A Rockstar is never off duty honey)

July 5, 2017

It’s no secret I have been really loving all these sheer pieces I’m seeing popping up just about everywhere. I’m not a huge lace fan, but every now and again I dabble in a few select pieces. I don’t know why but lace has always made me think of curtains and old ladies and though there is nothing wrong with either of the two, I have never really found it appealing. Continue Reading