When You’re a Simple Girl – Body Con & Heels ♥️♥️♥️

This dress is so old it would be unfair for me to try and find it.  I’ve had it for four years, I bought it in Arden B Many New Year Eves ago.  I can’t even remember the last time I saw one of their stores to be honest, well except for that time. The jacket is from H&M’s Unisex line and the shoes you all know is extremely old I’ve had them forever, they are from Steve Madden.  My hand bag is the updated classic from Louis Vuitton, the speedy bandouliere 30, anniversary gift from my husband. The layered necklaces are from Forever 21 I don’t even think they cost me $10 in total. On a regular this is my look simple pieces thrown together with a hip thrust for intensity lol.  I like to keep my look simple and practical, I describe my style as ready to wear it works for me. I have been playing with color as you guys can see, for some strange reason I’m feeling red and anything this hue. This feeling might pass in a week or two lol. Tell me what you guys think are we feeling bright hues this Summer or nah stick with grey ?

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