He Will Change Girl, Just Not For You Honey…..

June 26, 2017

It’s time for some relationship advice, you know those girls who are with those guys who just won’t commit to them no matter what?  He won’t commit, he cheats, he treats her like she’s beneath him and he probably occasionally hits her.  But she stays because every now and again they have a good time.  They’ve been together  for so long that she doesn’t want to feel like she wasted all that time the thought of going back out unto the dating scene again scares her.  She is staying in the relationship because he always apologized, and reminded her that they are meant to be.  Two slaps and a bouquet of roses, how romantic.  He can change she says, people change all the time and one day he will realize I’ve been here the whole time holding him down.

I remember watching and interview with the woman Diddy was dating for years, she was the mother of most of his children with. They were together for years he even gave her an engagement ring, she proudly said in an interview he goes out and fools around but he always comes back I don’t need to chase him, no matter who he’s with it’s always short lived because he eventually comes home. I’m not quoting her word for word but that’s the gist of what she said.  Diddy did stop running around and eventually settled down but not with her. He’s with Cassie now they aren’t married either but be’s obviously obsessed with her and the woman who allowed him to run around the one who worshipped him well she’s just another baby mama like the rest of them.

The point I’m trying to make is a lot of you are with men you have convinced yourself will change for you.  The truth is why would he need to change for YOU.  YOU have already accepted him how he is, he already has his hands in the cookie jar eating the cookies and drinking the milk, and you now expect him to go wash his hands? What’s the point??

Monkey see, monkey do.  Women keep waiting for a man to come around and lift them off the ground and put them on a pedestal, they want to be validated by someone.  You aren’t really who you say you are until somebody else tells you, you are.  Please miss me with that bullshit because I’m in this parking lot parked up validated as fuck, with a stamp that says LaurenOLauren.  Hell yes, I put myself on a pedestal and I do not need a man to put me on.  The reason why my husband treats me the way he does is because he came and saw me sitting on this dam pedestal and the only thing left for him to do was bow down and worship me.  How people treat us can go two ways we can accept it or demand to be treated the way we want to if they aren’t already. The vibrations you send out is the vibrations you will get in return, men can smell low self esteem, they smell desperation and they know when you won’t leave them. Demand respect from these men, we all make mistakes and fall in love with people we shouldn’t and sometimes accept shitty treatment.  But when you realize what’s happening please you owe it yourself to leave it behind.

A man can change but he won’t change for you because it’s already too late, the millions of excuses that you keep feeding yourself is making you look stupid.  The millions of excuses he’s feeding you is making you stupid, so please do yourself a favor and stop seeking validation from a man who can’t even be honest with himself about what he wants and who he is.  I hope this inspired someone today, stop feeling like you need to be in a relationship to be happy, when  what you need is to just be happy.

Have a Great Week, xoxox Lauren



(Images in today’s blog post came from Tumblr – & Flyngdream from Tumblr)

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