Garnier Overnight Leave – On Peel. | Six Week Review

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I remember trying the Garnier BB cream and hating it, the shade wouldn’t match and the product just didn’t give my skin the right vibe. That was when I decided and vowed never to purchase this brand again, however things changed. It’s been a little over six weeks since I started using this product, I’m so grateful to my friend Najeary for recommending this magic to me. I have been using this product religiously every night since April. Except on nights when I use my Bentonite Clay mask I find whenever I use the Bentonite mask my skin gets really sensitive and dry, and using the peel after burns so I just use my almond oil that night and possibly the following night, then I go back to my peel.

What I have noticed since I started using this is, I haven’t had those pesky breakouts I used to get ever so often. I usually take Biotin Gummies and I haven’t been taking that, so I don’t know if that has something to do with it. I have heard Biotin causes breakouts, however I have been taking Biotin for years and never noticed break outs while on it. So I’m going to start taking them again next week and see what happens.

I’ve have also noticed a very visible glow. The difference in my skin when I wear makeup and when I’m not wearing makeup. My skin is not the greatest but it’s been at a very good place for the last two months. I just purchased another bottle, my first bottle finished last night. I got it a little cheaper this time by going to Walmart instead of Walgreens.  The bottle is small but it lasts for a really long time. I have also noticed that breakouts might try to come but they never fully develop, so I might see a very small pimple but it never gets any bigger and eventually vanishes.

I use the Garnier over night peel along with their clearly brighter face wash and let me tell you I am very impressed with this product. I’m keeping my eyes on Garnier, I recently just purchased and tried their new whole blends line of hair care products. I picked up a conditioner and a deep treatment hair mask with honey and I loved it.  I don’t know what Garnier is doing but they have my attention. In conclusion I do not regret buying these products and I think I have found a staple in my beauty regime, at least for now.

xoxox Lauren

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    I will be trying this.

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