Fuck Fear It Isn’t real & Keep Stunting on The Critics cause you’re Beautiful.

June 8, 2017

Gonna start us off with a scenario, ever been a part of, or over heard a conversation that sounds like this:

What do you do?

“Im a plastic surgeon”

“Wow, that’s so cool. You must be really smart your so lucky”

To some people living in a certain place or having a certain job seems like a privilege reserved for some and under special circumstances this can be true. But for the rest of us, it’s just a stupid thing  called fear and laziness.  He or she is a doctor because they decided to go to medical school, and stayed up late nights studying and going to the hospital on 3 hours of sleep so they could one day have the honor of Doctor before their name. My mom used to tell me God didn’t give everybody a brain and give you nothing.  If you really wanted it you could have gone to medical school too, everyone has student loans, sure some of them have rich parents who fund the entire thing but many of them are using loans just like you would.   The reason why fear is so stupid is because we are afraid of something that hasn’t even happened yet.  We don’t even know if it will so technically what we’re afraid of is no different than a two year old being afraid of the imaginary monster in his closet.   Your mind has gone ahead and told you all these terrible things that could go wrong and you believe it.

Why don’t you go back to school? “I can’t afford it, I have kids and I just don’t have the time”   That entire sentence is an assumption you haven’t gone back to school yet how do you know you can’t afford it, anything could happen. You really don’t know whether you’ll be able to make time or not.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches. ~ Dita Von Teese

We are humans, meaning we are imperfect, therefore there will always be something for somebody to roast you about. Earlier this week on my Instagram I posted a picture of me wearing a bikini and someone commented saying I was beautiful but I needed to get a boob job. He is a hating ass son of bitch with issues, I don’t even know him but  I’m still sexy AF. Did he think his multiple comments about the imperfections on my body would make me stop posting bikini pictures and start covering up? Bloop, WRONG!! Not saying that posting a bikini picture on Instagram is groundbreaking but I’m comparing it to my unwavering spirit, just using an recent example.   You can’t be afraid even if  the odds are stacked against you Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basket ball team for lack of skill, Steven Spielberg got rejected from film school three times and the guy who created Fedex got a C when he presented his idea for a college paper.

Fuck fear take  risks and wear your favorite clothes even if the people on Instagram say you should stop because you look fat in it.  Sell all your shit or donate them and go live in Japan for a year if that’s what you want to do. What are you afraid of, whose advice are you taking? the people around you who failed, the people who never lived anywhere outside of the small town they grew up in? Always question the source, just because someone is interested in Harry Potter doesn’t make them an expert and their opinion can be jaded for whatever reasons.

your best life yet.

Have an amazing week, xoxox Lauren

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