Are We Still Wearing Boyfriend Jeans?

June 15, 2017

I have been looking for boyfriend jeans for almost four years, and though these aren’t my dream pair they come close and I’m giving them a chance. I was looking through my wardrobe and realized I don’t have any loose fitted jeans, every I own is skin tight. So even though I’m a one trick pony I decided to try a new trick, keeping it oversized I went with this pajama style top I purchased a year ago and a little pink bracelet just to give it a “Not a Mom Look” lol. I don’t know if yo guys like this look but like I’m obsessed with it and I want you to expect seeing me in these same exact jeans all summer. I’ve put the link to the jeans and as many of the items I could find or similar, it’s almost Friday have an amazing day love bunnies.

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