You Want Them To Say You’re Crazy!!!

I read or heard this somewhere a long time ago, if you have an idea and everyone likes it go back to the drawing board.  Great ideas have this way of making the people who hear them question your sanity.  You have to have a lot of people trying to convince you not to do it or it’s not that good. I listened for the hundredth time to speech given by Empire’s Tariji P Henson last night and it resonated with me so much, she spoke about moving to California with her toddler with just $700 to her name after people convinced  her it was a bad idea, look at her today.

Everyone walks around with a suitcase of fears, I throw my fears on my friends all the time, and vice versa, it comes with being human.  If it’s something you really want to do, don’t let anyone talk you out of doing it.  Can you imagine what people said to the Wright Brothers when they said they were going to invent something that would fly people from one place to another? They probably laughed at them and told them they were crazy. Can you see the stares that were given to the first slave who decided it was time to fight the resistance and run away, the other slaves probably wanted no part of it.  “If we run away we’re gonna get caught, we don’t need to be running away they’ll kill us” I can imagine the other slaves saying.  Michael Jordan will go down in history as one of the greatest basketball players to ever touch the ball, and he has admitted to not just failing but failing over and over again.

Don’t watch what others are doing or saying, you will be confused and begin to doubt yourself. Stick with your goals and if you fail at least you did it, people are going to talk regardless. When I got married and move to the United States a couple years ago, there was a lot of talk about how I ran away for papers, or how my marriage was fake, or that it wouldn’t last and I was in the US homeless. They said my husband didn’t have a job and he was kicked out of the army  *giggles* silly people. People can be cold, but it isn’t you they have a problem with it’s themselves, its always been themselves.  Can you imagine if I was afraid of what people thought about me, what would I have done?  Nothing I would have done nothing, but live a mediocre life constantly listening to see if anyone was discussing me.

If you’re thinking about making a move towards a goal that might be a little scary, my advice to you is – Do It!


xoxo LaurenOLauren


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