Stopped Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar & Started Eating Meat Occasionally

May 15, 2017

Today I ran to the supermarket after the gym, I had an epiphany and I needed to get my diet back on track.  When I say diet I don’t mean I’m trying to lose weight, I simply mean the way I eat.  I went to the supermarket and while I was walking around picking up my groceries that specifically read Non- GMO, Organic, No preservatives and things of that nature a woman caught my attention.  She was in the isle I was trying to get into, she was a very large woman.  I never know the right words to use these days, with every subject being so touchy.  She wasn’t your ordinary plus size, no she was very, very large one of her legs was bigger than my entire body she could barely walk.  I smiled at her, walked by her, and couldn’t help but notice her shopping cart.  She had boxes of canned soda, packs of twelve per box,  maybe about ten boxes in total.  Chips, cookies, and I spotted a nacho cheese dip in there somewhere and some other groceries that we could easily classify as junk food that has absolutely little to no nutritional value.  I’m not judging her, maybe she was having a party, or something she probably works out everyday, but it has brought me to the point of this blog.

During Lent I got very strict with my diet because I had cut out meat, started drinking apple cider vinegar every morning with water before my work outs.  Many people on my snapchat ask me what the apple cider vinegar did, many people wanted to lose weight and some specifically wanted to lose belly fat.  Eating properly not only made me feel lighter but my body was running on an optimal  level.  I would be out of bed by 8am, I didn’t feel tired or lazy throughout the day and at night I was able to fall asleep.  Lent ended and I decide to not be so strict with my diet and include meat here and there during finals week and the week leading up to it I stopped drinking my apple cider mix every morning.  Occasionally I would have some chicken or turkey and it would make my stomach sick.  So while I can’t tell you drinking apple cider vinegar every morning will make you lose weight, what I can tell you is my personal experience.  Drinking it daily, working out and eating non-meat products made me feel better, I wake up earlier, I wasn’t dragging myself out of bed and I was more motivated to go to the gym.  I felt like having my apple cider vinegar drink before my work out helped optimized my work out and overall I just felt like I had better results.

A couple days ago I read an article from someone who had gone under cover at a bunch of different farms across the US.  The way how he described the treatment of the animals made my heart ache, I’m not saying I’m giving up meat because I don’t want animals to die.  Death, population overload and the fact that earth will one day fade away and something else will take its place is something I believe in.  However I have come to notice that meat and junk food just isn’t working for me like it used to.  I don’t have as much energy as I used to and I’m cranky and moody all the time.  I started drinking my apple cider vinegar concoction this morning and I’m hoping in a week my body will find its rhythm again.  Apple cider vinegar is so amazing, I fried my hair and thanks to apple cider vinegar my curls have been coming back, I use it for so many things.

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Have an amazing week, love bunnies.

3 responses to “Stopped Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar & Started Eating Meat Occasionally”

  1. Dominik says:

    I’ve heard about Apple cider vinegar but Im not sure if it actually works or if its just a hype.

  2. Sanzilicious says:

    Ive always been scared of apple cider but my energy level is super low…so ill try and let you know how it works …your pics lauren 😍😍

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