Congratulation 2017 Graduates – The Hardest Semester

Spring semester 2017 is officially over I passed all my classes and haven’t failed any yet, what an amazing feeling.  This past Sunday I got to watch my husband graduate, I was happy for him and happy for us. To everyone who graduated this year congratulations to you, you deserve it.

Since my return to college, this has been the most difficult semester. I’ve written more papers last semester, than I have written blog posts in my whole blogging career.  I didn’t think I was going to make it to the end without failing a class, as a matter of fact I was certain I failed at least two. I’ve had a few people old friends and strangers reach out to me in the past couple weeks for advice & just as a listening ear. Everyone has times when they are unsure of what they are doing, unsure if the sacrifices they made are even worth it.  Will the end result be what we are looking for.  When you’re getting closer to your goal, or just about to figure shit out,  insecurities like to come around and mess us up.  I had a friend tell me it was too late for her to go back to school and that she just couldn’t afford it.  She  didn’t talk to a schools accounts department to figure out her options, she didn’t even have a school in mind. My friend had already told herself that this dream was unattainable and therefore she wasn’t going to attempt it.

Friends who have told themselves they have kids now so they can’t focus on themselves, their main focus now is the kids. You know when you’re on an airplane and they have the flight attendants telling you to put your oxygen mask on before you help anyone else. You can’t help anyone until you’ve helped yourself. You have to help yourself before you can help them, your children will understand. If your kids don’t understand it’s because you have given them the impression that what you’re doing is unreasonable. My mom never made it to any of my school PTA’s,  she couldn’t make it to many of my ballet recitals,  did I grow up bitter? No my mom had to work, what kind of unreasonable human being would I be if I held a grudge against my mom because sh had to work so I could afford to go to ballet in the first place.

Another way our insecurities play us is telling us we’re not in the right place, our dreams just can’t work here. Sometimes we are in the wrong place and we have to relocate, but  you have to know exactly what your dreams are.  Sometimes our thoughts are hazy and if we get paper and pen and start writing we realize, hey I really don’t know what I want.

My point is, don’t give up on YOU.  Have an amazing week everyone and again Congratulations to all the graduates!

8 responses to “Congratulation 2017 Graduates – The Hardest Semester”

  1. Michelle says:

    Love it Lauren!

  2. Sally says:

    Congrats for your December graduation, can’t wait for you to finish. I remember when you finish.

  3. Tash says:

    You’re so awesome! Keep writing you’re inspiring more people than you know.

  4. Nikki says:

    Whoop Whoop I bet you can’t wait

  5. Becca says:

    Congrats to your family, so happy for you

  6. Brenda says:

    Just bought this dress because of you, looks so good on you

  7. Zeira says:

    Great blog right here!

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