Pinterest is a mashup of everything I need in Life ❤️

If you aren’t following me on Pinterest you should be, also all the images on this site are Pin ready so pin whatever you want.  I love Pinterest before I go about any idea or if I’m looking for information about anything I go to Pinterest, I love Tumblr too but I find there are way more ideas on Pinterest. My favorite thing to “research”
on Pinterest would be hair and outfit inspiration and every so often I look for decor ideas also. Which I will be doing again soon as I intend to change up my bedroom one more time before Summer gets here I like to keep things fresh.

Pinterest is so amazing I remember when I first got introduced to it by my friend Ria, I thought it was so stupid. Let me also note that I also thought Youtube was stupid, and here we all are today. Obviously I don’t have an eye for genius, obviously. I do most of my personal research on Pinterest, before I buy a bag or if I need photography inspiration. I have several boards that I refer back to constantly whenever I need to. If you’re on Pinterest please comment with your name lets be friends.

Below I have a few of my favorite Pins, and if you click on it, it will take you to the original source these images are not mine. With the internet the way it is right now its very easy to steal a picture so I make sure I let my reader know when an image is not mine, but if otherwise stated most images I use on this site are mine.


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