My favorite Jeans Like EVER – A list of where I get my denim

I posted myself wearing a pair of jeans yesterday to my snapchat and someone asked me where do I get my jeans, they fit me so well and she just couldn’t find really nice jeans. So of course I decided I would blog it since I think others out there could use this amazing information too. When I was stick skinny back seven years ago I used to love getting my jeans from Forever 21, but as I have developed a bit in the past couple of years F21 just doesn’t work on my body’s proportions anymore. My top four places for getting jeans are: H&M, Abercrombie and Fitch, Fashionova and Armani.  At this moment in time these are where I get my jeans and all of them have their different pros and cons so pay attention.

H&M Jeans

I love H&M’s shaping skinny jeans are my favorite, not all of H&M jeans fit me right. They fit good in the but however the waist always has gaps and I like my jeans to be really long, the longer the better and sometimes I don’t get that. Im not extremely tall but I’m not short I’m 5’5.5 and so I’m usually taller than most girls. I don’t even try to buy shorts from H&M denim shorts that is because I know it will not fit right. I prefer jeans that are mid rise or high waisted, I absolutely hate wearing jeans on my hips I don’t think it does anything for my body. I recently purchased some high waisted destroyed black denim jeans from H&M in a size down from my usual size and it fit amazing. I wear a size 28 in H&M and if it’s being numbered from 2 – 14 then I wear a size 6, depending on the item usually in skirts or dresses I can wear a size 4 and Im typically a size small and again depending I can wear a XS.



Fashionova – Website

I first heard about Fashionova on Youtube like most of us, I was very skeptic but I had the same issues as most of these girls. My jeans just didn’t fit my curves well, I hate when my jeans ride down and the crotch of my high waisted pants end up between my knees. Also at the time when they came unto the scene you couldn’t really find high waisted skinnies. They became very popular because of that, the first pair of jeans I ordered before I went to Paris over a year ago. I was nervous when I was first ordering because I didn’t know what size I would be. So like everyone else I went through the comments and saw what other girls said, there were girls on there saying to size up, girls listed their stats and what sizes they got. This is where I got confused there who were shorter and weighed less than me but ordered bigger sizes and said it fit great. So I first ordered a size three and it was massive on me I didn’t even have to unzip it then I returned it and got a size 2 and it was still too big. Then I ordered a size one and it fits perfectly, I still get confused when I see girls who seem smaller than me order bigger sizes because I’m not the smallest. There jeans have a fair amount of stretch I have five jeans from them my first pair were amazing and they did not shrink in the wash or dryer, the second two I bought were thinner than the first, not really my favorite fabric. I ordered two more recently and I love the denim its more like jeans but not very stiff, just perfect. Great for summer and can transition into colder months if needs be.


Abercrombie and Fitch

Now depending on how old you are, you would have heard that song by this old boy band called LFO – “Summer Girls” go look for it on iTunes play it in your car this summer it will make you feel so good I swear. I had never purchased jeans or anything from Abercrombie so I was very shocked when I randomly walked in there one day and found the pair of jeans that would change my life. I wear these jeans all the time I’ve had them for a year now and they have not lost their shape and they make my ass look so good, I look like I just had surgery when I wear these I love them. Im a size two in their jeans. However I have purchased several jeans from them after my first introductory buy and realize none of their other denims fit me like this one.


Armani was my brand back in the day they sit on all your curves, I used to love their low rise jeans. I’ve never worn any of their other styles. They wash really well and last over the years. I still have pairs of Armani Jeans in my closet, I don’t really wear them because they are low rise and I’m just not going through that phase anymore but maybe one day. I might check out some of the other jeans, now that I think about it.

I hope this blog post was helpful for somebody. I love jeans I feel way more comfortable in skinny jeans than I do in sweatpants or leggings. I leggings I hate that it has no structure and sweatpants, I just don’t feel like it compliments my body very well so I only wear it around the house. I don’t even understand what people mean when they say that clothes is “comfortable”. If I put something on and it feels comfortable I’m probably going to sleep it in it.

Have an amazing week love bunnies.

xoxox Lauren

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