Lent is Over Now What? Back to Meat??

So Lent ended a couple days ago April 13 was the last day of Lent. I can’t believe I managed it that long and really stuck it through and didn’t eat meat. A Lot of people are asking me how, and some have even confessed that they couldn’t do it. Honestly if you want to do something you can its that simple, I knew I wanted to give up meat and I was excited about all the positives that would come from it.  Im glad I did.

What Happened?

I have gone down a pants size, Im normally a 28 in jeans and now Im a 27 (If anyone needs clearing up, Im usually just a 6 but now I’m between a 6 and a 4.  I’m between a small and a XS). So Yesterday I decided I wanted to treat myself it was the end of the work day and I told my husband I wanted Chic-Fil-A. I was so excited I was going to have meat for the first time in over 40 days,  what happened next is not what I expected.  The chicken was great, but something strange was happening with every bite I took my body felt heavy, it wasn’t my mind either.  After I finished eating it I too felt heavy and sluggish and not fulfilled, but I felt stuffed. So I was full but not satisfied if that makes any sense, so I said to myself my old way of eating just isn’t going to work anymore.

Am I Full Vegetarian Now?

I didn’t want to put such strict rules on myself, because I don’t like rules they are infinite and I hate the thought of never being able to do something. So I told myself I wasn’t putting myself in a category, instead I would have meat once or twice a week and only on the weekends  and if I felt like having it once in the week and once on weekends fine.

So I will be eating more vegetarian because honestly my body reacts to it quite well, I have more energy I feel lighter and overall I feel better. On the weekends I will treat myself to chicken or turkey and I will include seafood in my diet but nothing with a shell due to my allergies. I will keep you guys in the loop as it relates to my food progress. If you aren’t following me on snapchat feel free to thats where I post more in real time, things I like to eat and new beauty products I’m testing out  etc. My Snap name is – LaurenOLauren.  Have an amazing week love bunnies comment down below with your eating preferences or things you want to change.

xoxo Lauren

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