Ever since I Gave Up Meat for Lent

So here I am sitting having my penne pasta with tomato sauce and vegan field roast chipotle sausages, which are actually pretty dam good and the texture is just like a real sausage.  It’s actually last night’s left overs, I made a big batch and my husband refused to eat any.  Usually I make two dinners a meat option for him and a non-meat option for me, last night I was too tired or lazy whichever one is the truth lol.

I gave up meat for Lent this year and as I have said in my first blog about this it was really, hard the first week. But now that I’m over the hill it’s smooth sailing here on out, I have learnt to survive without meat and I don’t have cravings. Lent ends in a few days and honestly I think I might just keep this up for maybe another month or as long as I can go honestly. Persons always complain about eating out with friends, or going out which can sometimes be difficult for people who don’t eat meat.  Surprisingly I have realized many places do have a vegetarian option or fish. I still eat fish so Im not 100% vegetarian but I don’t have too much of it I have gotten very fond of tofu, oh my gosh I love it.

It’s been four weeks and I have seen dramatic results with my body, I always looked bloated (well at least to me) that bloat I used to see is gone. I have successfully kept off five pounds with minimal exercise,  since I  have a mysterious back pain. However I have also noticed that my butt is shrinking, my jeans fit a bit weird not weird bad, but you know I can see a noticeable difference. It’s gotten a lot smaller in the past two weeks I see the difference especially  when I wear jeans.   I can always build it back with weights, unfortunately I’m staying away from weights for a bit until I have solved the mystery of my back pain.  Another fabulous thing I have noticed is that I feel physically lighter having given up meat, it’s something I can’t quite put into words. I can feel my body operating differently, very differently it’s a synergy I can’t explain.  Once you cut out junk food and make the switch and you’ve been eating clean  for a while you will understand. Of course it’s different for everybody.  I am consciously more aware of my body and since cutting out meat and using a food app I have been paying more attention to my body.

Someone asked me recently how I maintain my weight I work out once a week, purely coincidently I would like to work out more however I just don’t have the time.  If I get three times in one week I feel accomplished, but until school closes once a week will be it. Have an amazing weekend everyone I hope you guys enjoy these pictures my friend Lyndsey who is a photography major took of me when we were at an event the other night. They were done in natural light, I wasn’t wearing any makeup, just my go to red lipstick Rubywoo by Mac. The pictures were not edited or retouched in anyway. However to be fair I never edit my pictures. Comment down below if you have any questions.

xoxox Lauren


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  1. Sandra Facey says:

    Love your pictures Lauren. Happy to see the woman you have become. Love you blogs. Just discovered them (covers face). The sky is the limit. You already know that. I don’t need to tell you.

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