Fasting, Cutting out Meat & Dropping 10 Pounds in 3 Days

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Every year I try to give up something for Lent, I always feel accomplished when I succeed. My most successful year was roughly seven years ago when I gave up soda, I haven’t had soda since and I don’t miss it. One of my most unsuccessful Lent stories has to be the last two years, I tried giving up shopping and failed repeatedly. So with two failed Lents on my resume I decided to do something more practical this year I decided to give up meat. I also figured while Im at it I should give this healthy life style a serious chance, since I was giving up meat why not go all the way I downloaded an app called Lifesum. I found out about life sum from a youtubber I’m subscribed to, life sum isa calorie tracker pretty much with eating plans on it. I wish it had a community like “My Fitness Pal” but it doesn’t really. You can add friends though so if any of you download it lets be friends here’s my link Open Here to download lIfesum. I think these apps are better when you have a community of people on I instead of just yourself. Lifesum helps me monitor my food and be healthier, I’m now on something called the “No Fuss Diet”


The first week I gave up meat I was very weak, and I had a weird headache the first three days and I was so tired. I wasn’t getting any protein and I hadn’t gotten the hang of not eating meat yet I literally was not eating much of anything. Then I started to eat simple things like Tofu meals my absolute favorite now and I included seafood in my diet, because of my allergies I can only have some seafood not all. At the end of week one I dropped magically ten pounds and I felt it. I felt lighter I can’t explain it but sometimes my body feels really heavy and dropping those ten pounds made me feel physically better. By week two when I started getting the hang of the vegetarian life I gained three pounds back and the fatigue and headache went away.

This past Wednesday I was supposed to be fasting, but I was also writing a big paper and studying inside a cafe and unconsciously purchased a chicken wrap. Half way through it I realized what I was doing, I wanted to throw it out but I didn’t feel like wasting money or food so I finished it and repent, lol. I intend to write a separate article about fasting and what we need to know about it from my good friend who fasts every year for Ramadan, she has been doing it since she was seven. so look out for that I’ll get it up this week. Have you given up anything for Lent, if so what and why. Would you like to change your eating habits, lets chat below.

xoxox Lauren

2 responses to “Fasting, Cutting out Meat & Dropping 10 Pounds in 3 Days”

  1. Gela says:

    So after week two and your body got use to eat how did you continue to lose weight as supposed to gaining another 3?

    • laurenolauren says:

      I started eating less, I was overeating. I also fast once a week and that has helped me from stuffing my face with everything on my plate. My appetite has cut in half and it takes less to fill me up.

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