Ask Greek Yogurt – Is it Just Hype

I saw this product in Walgreens one day when I was making my usual pharmacy run, picking up my usual and scrolling through the hair care department. I was intrigued at the thought of Yogurt in my hair care, it sounded legit to me. Upon inspecting the bottle the dual chamber where you could see the yogurt split from the shampoo added the cool factor of why I wanted to try this product. When I received this product to review I wanted to try it right away, I posted it to my snapchat and some of you were excited to hear my thoughts on it as well.

“Hask Hydrating Greek Shampoo without Pre-Pooing”

Some of you might be wondering what Pre-poo is, shampoo can make girls with textures like mine, experience very dry hair.  My hair isn’t really a fan of shampoo especially. too much of it. Pre-pooing is the simple process of applying a blend of natural oils to your hair before shampoo, so that you don’t strip your hair of its natural oils and leaf it dry. So I used the shampoo as is without doing my pre-poo. I was amazed it didn’t leave my hair feeling dry like most shampoos do, even while I was shampooing my hair did not feel the least bit dry. I loved the way the product came out in a swirl of white and yellow, and I don’t mind the consistency either.

Hask Hydrating Greek Conditioner, not enough “slip”

As for the conditioner, I will say I’m a little disappointed. The consistency to me is more like water based gel slightly creamy texture. I ended using almost the entire bottle and still not getting my hair to feel that wonderful moisturized feeling I’m used to with my go to conditioners. It just wasn’t giving me the slip, for years I had no idea what naturals on youtube meant when they said “Slip” but in this moment standing in my tub I realized this was not slip. What I had to do was use their Hydrating Deep Conditioner, I added it to my hair with the conditioner and immediately got the moisture I was looking for and finally my hair was feeling like it should. I’ve included pictures of what my hair looks like with the deep condition and more than half of the tube of conditioner in my hair. I left it in for about ten minutes and detangled my hair.


My hair felt good at the end of my wash I continued with a my leave in and almond oil and twisted my hair into sections. Over all I do like this product, I loved that the shampoo was not drying. However I was slightly disappointed with the conditioner. I would buy this deep conditioner again for sure, but I do not think I would buy the entire set again, unless I had no choice.  It did not work for me, I do believe however it would work perfect for someone who does not need that much moisture in their hair care routine.  However I would use the conditioner as a base for my own home made deep conditioner and I think it would be perfect to wash my silky straight wigs and extensions, but just not a go to for my own natural hair.

Have you tried this product, how did you like it?

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