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December 2016


Letting the world dictate me to me…..

December 9, 2016

LaurenOLaurenFor a very long time I think I convinced myself that I was confident and I was not afraid. However  I was far from confident, I realize that now. Most of my life has been spent being not enough, some of you might not understand what I mean by that. The glass is either half full or half empty, I was that dam glass for most of my life, I was never full and depending on who was looking at me I was either a positive or a negative.  Continue Reading


Final Thoughts on My Mexican Vacation

December 6, 2016


Mexico without a doubt is a beautiful place with beautiful people. We did have a really good time, the alcohol laws were a bit different in Mexico for me as a Jamaican it was normal but for my husband it was a big deal. He had heard me talk about all inclusive parties and everyone dancing and a party feeling like a party but he never experienced it, mind you this wasn’t Jamaica. Continue Reading