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October 2016

Good Advice

This Sh*t is Bigger Than Just Us

October 31, 2016

LaurenOLaurenTomorrow is the start of a new month, 2016 is coming to an abrupt end we don’t ever get these days back. Every now and again I allow my mind to wonder, actually I do that a lot. I feel like people are always fighting, humans really can’t get along with each other, we’re constantly fighting over land. Lets be honest at the end of the day the war is always about “Land”. Think about Earth and how we’re all here, over 7 billion of us. Continue Reading

Fashion & Style

A Little Parisian Chic Never Killed Anyone

October 28, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone, today should be “Inspirational Friday’s” and I do have a post I want to put up but I have decided to hold off until tomorrow. I need to do a few tweaks to it. None the less I still wanted to inspire you with a simple OOTD. If you watch my Vlogs you would have known that I am constantly cleaning out my closet and revamping my wardrobe. I’ve been drawn to the sleek, minimal life style and still on an exaggerated high from my trip to Paris earlier this year (March). I am moving towards that European look more and more, todays’s look is one of a simple striped turtle neck and high waisted jeans with my beloved loafers. I hope you like it and look out for tomorrow’s inspirational post. I promise you will love it.


xoxox Lauren
PS always whenever you can spread love

Good Advice

Spice Up Your Life Before 2016 ENDS!!!

October 24, 2016

LaurenOLaurenHello My love Bunnies and Angel Wings, I have a special blog post for you guys today. I’ve been meaning to create this check list for months now. I want everyone to enjoy whats left of 2016, because once it’s gone we can’t get it back you know. If you know me well enough you would have known that I was a huge Spice Girl Fan, back in the day. Obviously I was Mel B, because well lets be honest. I loved everything about Spice Girls, they were an all girl group, they were loud and very opinionated they were the unofficial leaders of little girls, tweens and teenagers in the 90’s. When the group broke up I didn’t know what to do with myself, I didn’t even know if I wanted to “Zigga Say Ahhhhh” ever again, but then Britney Spears happened and I felt better.

So this PDF is very simple, it’s a bunch of simple things that will make you feel better and who doesn’t want to feel better. Have a great week love bunnies.

xoxox LaurenOLauren

Spice Up Your Life Checklist
Beauty & Health

Current Beauty Favorites

October 10, 2016

Hey love bunnies it’s been a while since I did one of these posts.  I cant say that just one product works for me, so I constantly alter my regime depending on my needs.  At the moment I’m loving these four products: Valentia  Night Revive Retinol Serum,  Cover FX oil free foundation and the Lush mask of Magnaminty.


Now It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Valentia’s skin care products I’ve used many of their products before, my all time favorite being their skin plumping mask.  This product however is a must have for me.As I approach another milestone birthday my skin becomes my main priority more than ever. This night Revive Retinol Cream fights wrinkles and provides much needed hydration for visibly smoother skin.  Continue Reading

Good Advice

The Truth Cannot Destroy You

October 7, 2016

LaurenOLaurenSo my sister in Law invited me to an event she had with her church sisters this pass weekend. I volunteered to take pictures at the event. I’ve been doing that a lot so I can get the practice.  One speaker in particular  impacted me the most. She started off  a little shaky but it’s ok cause she delivered a powerful message. She said she refused to write a speech and she was only going to say whatever it was God put in her head.  Continue Reading