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September 2016

Fashion & Style

Grey Days Ahead | OOTD

September 29, 2016

Fall is officially here, I’m nervous Im not a big Winter fan. However there is something special about Fall and Winter fashion. I have spent this week unpacking warmer clothes and packing away my summer pieces, my closet and office currently Continue Reading

Fashion & Style

Rocking The Canadian Tuxedo

September 14, 2016


Someone literally just asked me to do a look book on styling a denim jacket just this past weekend. The funny thing was I had planned to do a couple denim jacket looks this week, perfect timing right. At some point in your life you must wear a  Canadian Tuxedo, Continue Reading


Decorating Your First Apartment

September 13, 2016

LaurenOLaurenLove Bunnies it’s been a minute since I did anything decor related.  I wanted to do this for anyone moving into a new space, their first apartment, college dorm or just anyone who wants to switch things up in a space they’ve gotten tired of. Continue Reading

Good Advice

Stop F**king Complaining

September 5, 2016

Ok, this is deep, mainly because I love to complain. I complain all day everyday even when everything is gong my way I find a beautiful reason to complain. I also unconsciously encourage the complaints of my friends and sometimes, more than we would like to admit we have a complain competition.

But enough about that, Im writing this blog because it’s a habit we all need to get rid of. Stop complaining about everything, Continue Reading