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June 2016

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Accomplish your Fitness Goals In 7 Simple steps

June 22, 2016

How to Accomplish your Fitness Goals – 7 Simple steps

Hey everyone, today I wanted to give you some advise about fitness. A lot of us would like to be healthier and some of us honestly don’t think we need to be any healthier. Only five years ago I didn’t know anything about exercising or the benefits of a good work out, or why going the gym was more than just a cool thing to do. I used to think the gym was a place for fat people, and I didn’t need to be seen there. I have a friend right now who told me she doesn’t need to go to the gym because she’s not trying to lose weight. With age comes wisdom, I learned and she will too. Continue Reading

Fashion & Style

Online Shopping Gone Wrong

June 17, 2016

Online Shopping FailedI told you guys that I am going to be as honest as they come, especially as it relates to your money and how you spend it.  I work hard for mine, so I understand.  I was sent a dress to review from a company called Guilty Pleasures,  and on their website the dress looked like a real stunner and I was excited to receive it.  I did not realize that the company was located overseas and therefore shipping took a little while, I think by the time they shipped it and I received it, it was three weeks.  That wasn’t a problem as I didn’t need it right away for anything specific anyway.

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Fashion & Style

Minimalistic White shirt OOTD

June 12, 2016


There is nothing like an oversized T-Shirt dress and some good trusty Nike sneakers, something about this look reminds me of the Spice Girls.  If you didn’t know the Spice Girls were a huge part of my childhood, along with a couple others, in Prep school when I discovered the power of music the Spice Girls was my first obsession. Of course you know I was Scary Spice or Mel B whichever name you prefer.  Went for a walk in the city the other day and I wanted to be comfortable because It was a really warm day, I’ve been grabbing for sneakers a lot lately.   My favorite thing about this look was the three layered necklace I found in Forever21 last week, it was only $5 but it looks like something extremely expensive that Nicole Richie would wear right.

Let me know what you reach for when you wanna be simple and comfortable for walk through your neighborhood/town.  Scroll down for outfit details.

xoxo LaurenOLauren

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Good Advice

Top Book Recommendations to make you WIFE MATERIAL

June 10, 2016

Hey loves I just wanna say before I start that if you are not following me on Snap Chat you better get to it – @LaurenOLauren, thats where I get really candid.   I posted a video yesterday that quite a couple of my followers screen grabbed and I thought it  would make a great blog post.  There is no fool proof way to get these boys to stop playing games with our hearts, but we can stop time wasters dead in their tracks. Continue Reading

Good Advice

Be Careful What You Wish For

June 8, 2016

LaurenOLauren Good Day everyone I overheard someone saying they wished they had someone else’s life this week, and I knew immediately that I had to write a blog post.  I believe in the Universe I mean why not, we all need something to believe in and I believe in many different things, the universe is one of them.  I believe it listens to us and most times gives us exactly what we want.   The problem I find is that we don’t realize what we want, you see it’s like buying a used car. You want a BMW so you buy a used one, and you don’t realize until after you start driving it all the issues and quirks that the previous owner had with it.  You know the way the steering wheel jams when you’re making a right turn type thing.

How many times have you heard people say “I wanna be as rich as Oprah”, many times right.  They want to be as rich as Oprah but they don’t want to work as hard as Oprah, they aren’t as patient as Oprah, they aren’t as resilient as Oprah, yet they want her life.  A life she has labored long and hard for, even if she won the lottery it came after many unsuccessful lottery tickets.  That’s what people don’t see, they see the tree growing above ground, but they don’t take note of the seed that was planted some many years ago, and the deep roots that go deeper and deeper into the soil everyday.  They forget that in the cold months this beautiful tree loses everything, all its leaves and its beauty fades and it has to wait patiently for Spring to flourish again.

Be careful what you wish for you might wish for Cindy’s life and get all her struggles instead.  I saw this quote somewhere: “Don’t wish for easier lives, wish to be stronger men instead”.

Have an amazing week everyone, stay positive even in negative situations, there is power in possibility.