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May 2016

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Getting older is not Problem.

May 31, 2016

Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books. At different points in my life I have always been able to relate my personality to one of the many characters. This specific stage of my life I am currently the rabbit with his grandfather clock, running through the woods. I’m in a hurry of course because I’m late. Continue Reading

Fashion & Style

Crotchet Dresses and Sunshine – OOTD

May 26, 2016


The weather looks very sketch as I sit here editing this blog post but a couple days ago it was perfect.  My friend invited me to theme park with her and we had so much fun.  We really let loose and became too little kids, we’re both terrified of roller coasters but some how we found our way unto four roller coaster ride that day.  Talk about facing your fears head on.  I got so many compliments on this little crotchet dress I wore that day, I got it from H&M as apart of their Coachella 2016 collection and sadly it is no longer available but I did find a look a like and website that teaches you how to make crotchet pieces. Similar Dress here  and Make Your Own Dress here.

I hope you have all made plans for summer, I love summer its my new year and the change of atmosphere really refreshes me. What are some of your summer plans comment below, I would love to hear about them.




Good Advice

7 Lessons to Learn in Your Late 20’s

May 19, 2016

LaurenOLaurenI did a list a couple years ago about ten things you should do in your twenties and I decided to revise that list.  I once read that age is a high price for wisdom, I don’t remember where I saw but it stuck with me.  There are things we will only learn with time and we just have to accept it and move on. Here are a few things you should have learnt or should be doing in your late twenties.

7 – Read an Entire book – Yes read a book from start to finish, just one. You just need to read one book your entire life from begging to end. Too many people have never read an entire book.

6 – Get rid of Kodak friends – In your late teens and early twenties you will find yourself with a lot of friends that look good on paper and in pictures. To be honest with you nothing is wrong with these kind of people, and I wont be petty and call them fake friends. I honestly believe people will pursue what’s important to them and sometimes good people grow apart. Your late twenties should be bringing you  closer to people  who you  will grow very old with.

5 – Do Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone – If you have never gone on vacation alone do it, I find that traveling alone is one of those thing that make you so aware. By now you should have gone on at least one amazing adventure by yourself. (Ps it doesn’t have to be outside of your country)

4 – Move OUT – If you still live with your parents, please get out.

3 – Stop Being A Troll – I feel like after a certain age all trolls should hang up their troll boots, and start doing things that will guarantee them a good retirement.  Stop spreading rumors whether they’re true or not.  Let people live their life and what they have to do and you just use what time you have left to live yours fully. (Insert smiley face here)

2 –  Get Over What Hurt You – Yes, your late twenties is that time to find peace and not just conversations about peace.  By now everything that hurt you in the past, you should have found some closure and if you haven’t go look for it, seek your closure.  I once got a fortune cookie that read “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older”

We’ve all been hurt by people, but its gets to a point where sadly we have to get over it and just realize that those people aren’t 100% to be blamed.  We can’t keep walking around with our baggage, it gets heavy.  This year I can honestly say that I received every level of closure that has kept me up some nights.  I feel lighter, I wont forget it but I’m not defined by it.  Its a new day people.

1 – Learn to truly accept people for who they are – This one is a tough one, but when you get to that place where you can accept someone as they are.  It’s truly a rewarding feeling when you stop putting people in positions they don’t deserve or better yet haven’t earned.  People hurt us when they shatter our expectations of them, expect nothing and you will not be disappointed.  Appreciate who people are and don’t be upset by what they are not.  (yes this is the most cliche’d thing you will ever read, accept it as that lol)

Enjoy what’s left of your twenties as you prepare for another awesome journey.  There is no right way to live this thing called life, no matter how safe we are we cant get out of it alive.  We can’t get to the end with out a few heart breaks, tears and sad stories and some of us more than others. No one gets to the end as the same person they were when it started, we’ve all changed.  But with all the bad that life sometimes throws at us there is so much good in it, so many laughs, so many people who come around and make us realize life can be a beautiful thing.  Have an amazing week everyone, spread some love if you can.

Have an amazing week my love bunnies, life is good.

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Fashion & Style

Leather In Spring? Yes please

May 14, 2016


When is the right time to wear a leather skirt. I think leather is a all around piece that you can definitely get away with in Spring. I love this leather skirt, I had no intention of pairing it with this leather jacket when I bought it. But after I finished getting ready and I put it on, I was like yes this is it. The key to wearing leather (Faux Leather) is the fit, make sure you get the fit right or you will look not very put together. It can be hard to pull off a full leather look without looking like a washed up member of an old rock band, but it can be done. Keep the pieces very minimal and make sure they fit you well, and I wouldn’t over accessorize either. Where is your favorite leather / faux leather piece in your wardrobe from?

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Fashion & Style

Classic White & Denim

May 12, 2016


There is nothing more crisp then white on blue denim, its extremely cliche and has been done over and over. But no matter how many times it’s been done we can never get tired of this classy combination that can be worn to any function.  I paired my ripped denim with a very structured boyfriend vest from Signature78. The vest takes the outfit from being a Walmart run, to something a bit more put together but not overly put together. What is one outfit combination that you can’t get tired of let me know below.

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My Website got DELETED!!!!

May 10, 2016

Hey guys It has been a very eventful week to say the Least, if you have been wondering what happened to my website here’s what happened.

The company that hosts my website Dream Host and I had a misunderstanding when I switched from the domain name – ThisClassicStyle back to my original name, LaurenOLauren.  Im not sure exactly what happened but my website wouldn’t not come up when you typed it in and I did not have access to my dashboard even though my payments were up to date. When I contacted their costumer service I got really upset with how they went about handling it, I had using those online chat rooms they have. So I ended my agreement with them and canceled my account.  Anyway not to bore you with unnecessary details my entire site and all the information vanished. I’m pretty much starting over from scratch, but it’s ok Im not upset about it. We fall down, and then we get up that’s life, why stress something so simple.   Its taken me a little while to build the site back just like it was and transfer my domain name to my current hosting company, but I saw it an opportunity to make everything better than it was before.


For everyone who had entered the Giveaway don’t worry your entries are safe and the time has been extended until further notice, most likely the end of this month.  So feel free to enter below if you haven’t yet or enter again if you’d like.  What do you do to support other women, in a world where us females are always being pinned against each other.

xoxoxo Lauren