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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Get your skin ready for Autumn with Saison

Tomorrow will be the official start of Autumn and for those of us who live in places where the weather changes drastically, we know too well what that means for our skin care routine. It means whatever you were doing in the summer probably won't work in another month or so. I received some pretty amazing products from a company called Saison, the word Saison is French for season which is exactly how this company organizes their skin care line.  A collection of organic products specially formulate for all four seasons.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Labour Day Weekend Pool Flexing in Coco Rave Swim

It's Labour Day weekend, yes Summer is leaving us and we're about to welcome Fall. All week I've been featuring swimsuits from Coco Rave Swim, this a more traditional piece for me, I love the print and how it works with my skin tone can you say PERFECT.  Im wearing the Wild Thing triangle bikini available here and don't forget to use the code - "laurenolauren10" Have a fabulous weekend everyone, don't forget to check out the fireworks in your neighborhood. For all my international readers, I know its officially back to school this Monday, so lets enjoy the last weekend of summer. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Vintage One piece from Coco Rave Swim

Here I am again my loves with another winner from my latest swimwear obsession Coco Rave Swim, I find myself always on their website now looking at all their designs.  This Swimsuit has me feeling like I'm in a remake for that 70's show and its PERFECT. The fit of this swimsuit is what makes it great.  I don't have a long torso I think my torso is normal or short, one of them not too sure.

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Best Time to go Swimsuit Shopping is NOW

The best time to buy swimsuits is when Summer is on her way out, thats when all the sales come out and stores are getting ready for Fall.  I know you guys think I have abandoned this site and have submerged myself into The Classic Style but that is not true. This week Im ready to prove it, I got the opportunity to work with an awesome swimsuit brand called Coco Rave Swim, they have several different brands, and throughout this week I'll be showcasing a different suit.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Simple Statement Dress - School Approved

This Ida Beaded Necklace dress is everything I have ever wanted in a maxi dress, it makes getting dressed for school literally effortless. You wake up late you've got 20 minutes to throw your clothes on and get out, and this dress will save the day. Put your hair in a top bun, slick it back or let it go wild and no one will know you woke up late.  As I said in Yesterdays blog my looks this week are all looks I wore to school last week, and they are all coming from

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