• LaurenOLauren

    Rocking The Canadian Tuxedo

    Someone literally just asked me to do a look book on styling a denim jacket just this past weekend. The funny thing was I had planned to do a couple denim jacket looks this…

    September 14, 2016
  • LaurenOLauren

    Decorating Your First Apartment

    Love Bunnies it’s been a minute since I did anything decor related.  I wanted to do this for anyone moving into a new space, their first apartment, college dorm or just anyone who wants…

    September 13, 2016
  • laurenolauren
    Good Advice

    Stop F**king Complaining

    Ok, this is deep, mainly because I love to complain. I complain all day everyday even when everything is gong my way I find a beautiful reason to complain. I also unconsciously encourage the…

    September 5, 2016
  • LaurenOLauren

    First Day Back At College – OOTD

    I will be writing a blog post coming up soon on how I survived my first year going back to college as a grown up so look out for that if you’re interested. Im…

    August 23, 2016
  • LaurenOLauren

    This Side of Paradise – Jamaica

     Two day before my trip to Jamaica all I knew was that I had three days off from work and a week before school would start. I had to make a decision, I called…

    August 22, 2016
  • LaurenOLauren

    Who Is The American Dream Aimed At?

    I paid a short visit back home to Jamaica recently. My friends and I were having a lot chat things we want to do and where we see ourselves at the end of life’s…

    August 19, 2016