My Collab With RedBubble | Supporting Black Influencers

Yesterday I got caught  up  watching video after video on youtube  about Black Influencers who were misrepresented by big brands, but not just misrepresented but taken advantage of. A couple years ago I had written a blog post about something that had happened with…

March 17, 2019

Real Girl Style and Natural Hair – Keeping It Casual

When I tell you that Life has been hitting me hardcore I mean Im getting hit sis. I am finally realizing that I am just one person who wants to do everything and that is just not possible. I have taken a pretty noticeable…

February 26, 2019
Travel & Reviews

Steering Your Overseas Driving In The Right Direction

The whole purpose of travel is that it frees you. Nothing helps you feel like you’re spreading your wings than actually spreading them. When you reach a new destination, you can shrug off the shackles of your life and enjoy the freedom of exploration.…

January 29, 2019

The Secret of Making Every Outfit Incredible

Have you ever seen a girl in your local town who is wearing an outfit similar to one you have? Have you ever wondered why she looks great in her but on you it looks plain and ordinary? It is nothing to do with…

January 22, 2019
Travel & Reviews

Six Ways To Save Money While You Travel

Traveling is pretty much the biggest adventure that anyone can choose to go on. Packing a bag and roaming the many countries and cities that our world has to offer is a privilege, and if you are going to be in on that privilege,…

January 17, 2019
Travel & Reviews

Five of the Best Cities To Visit in Florida

If you think about Florida then most people think of the sunshine, the beaches, and the theme parks. But there is much more to Florida than just Orlando; the sunshine state does offer a variety of different cities that are all offering something completely…

December 26, 2018